Bottom-up Vision and Strategy Building

Companies spend millions on getting their employees committed. Still, how often do managers complain that their personnel are interested neither in the Strategy nor in its implementation! Why? Because a Strategy is delegated a priori and expected to make everybody so happy to implement it. Meanwhile, employees often treat the new Strategy as a scourge and say: “Oh, they came up with something again.” How can we talk about the effectiveness of the Strategy implementation?

In EC we developed a methodology of building a corporate Vision, Mission and Strategy from the bottom up, i.e. by involving often all employees in it. And what is more – customers too! Such an approach results in customers getting exactly what they want, and employees having a feeling that they co-create the key aspects of a company’s business goals implementation, both at the operational level – that is in their work – and the strategic one. Thus, the level of satisfaction of customers as well as employees is very high, which translates into loyalty, commitment and willingness to recommend a particular brand, product or company to others.

Customers - Employees - Junior Management - Middle Management - Senior Management - Top Management

A large private trading company case

Everyone, that is 10,000 employees, takes part in creating the corporate Vision, Strategy and implementation plan. The result? The common understanding for the strategy of the enterprise, strong commitment to its implementation as well as an increase in annual sales per square meter!