Customer Experience Management ability building

The ability to manage the customer experience consists of a series of practices and disciplines that are arranged as the so-called CEM process. To achieve significant business results it is sometimes enough to execute just one or a few initiatives. In the case of some companies, the most appropriate way to improve their business performance is the healing execution of all elements of the CEM ability building process, one by one. EC consultants have proper qualifications, tools and experiences for selecting the most suitable solution as well as for implementing the whole CEM process. In such a case we apply, in the right order, almost all of the above-mentioned elements of our offer, with the help of experts in other branches. Hence our cooperation with specialized agencies and companies – in particular in the field of marketing communications (PR and advertising agencies), personnel training (Persona GLOBAL® Polska), and customer research (TNS Global).

First Data Polska case

Due to pressure from competitors, as well as from the company owners, EC consultants implemented in First Data the whole CEM process, including an audit in terms of the entire Service-Profit Chain:

  • the Organizational Alignment Survey for measuring strengths and weaknesses of the company
  • the customer expectations and satisfaction survey as well as NPS measurement, and factors of loyalty and recommendation identification.

As a consequence, despite enormous challenges and growing competition, the company maintained its position on the market.