Customer research

Henry Ford is supposed to have said “I don’t carry out customer research. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” And he is right. Customers do not always know how they can be delivered an innovative value. Nevertheless, they know what grieves them and they have their dreams. It is worth identifying both to make our strategy a strategy of success, not failure.

We offer the following types of research:

    • The activities of conducting focus groups or individual interviews are always performed by consultants who know how to ask and how to interpret the answers. We do not employ students who want to earn some extra money or professional researchers. We carry out and interpret our research ourselves.
    • The key in qualitative research is the proper selection of respondents. We are not interested in a voice of an average customer. We want to know the expectations of the most desirable customers.
    • Customers being researched never know who ordered the research. We are not interested in a plebiscite for the best customer service representative. We aim at obtaining competitive information on the fundamental, most inspiring, often very simple, customer expectations.
    • We always ask one major question. The rest is clarification of what a respondent means and proper interpretation of their words.
    • The parameters for our quantitative research are based solely on the suggestions received from our partner’s customers themselves on the basis of the qualitative research conducted.
    • We measure the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Goodwill Level, Net Promoter Score (NPS).
    • We identify a correlation of loyalty factors, the importance of particular expectations.
    • We deliver value through a mechanism of selecting factors which will bring the biggest benefit to a particular company in the business, cultural and economic conditions taking place at the moment of research.

Deni Cler case

The qualitative research allowed us to identify the most fundamental expectations of the brand female customers. Two of them were verbalized by literally all surveyed women. The first led to a change of the strategy of the shop assistants’ approach towards female customers. The second resulted in the thorough, consistent with the desired customer experience, modifications of the appearance of on-line and printed catalogues.

Afriso case

Through the quantitative research, carried out on the basis of the customers’ expectations learnt from the qualitative research, the company identified a distinguishing, according to its customers, feature that is the easiest to obtain and the most important for the whole industry. It immediately became a part of the daily operations.