Designing customer experience, customer relationship processes, measures and detailed organizational changes can be approached in two ways: it can be done with a selected group of our customer’s employees or without the participation of our customer. The latter is often a very good solution. Firstly, customers do not always have time to leave their corporate operations for good. Secondly, our customer’s way of thinking and their creativity are often immersed in the restrictions arising from their past experience and paradigms. Let us design without the customer! These are exemplary topics, the designing of which is carried out by EC consultants:

  • Enterprise/Brand/Department/Product Strategy
  • Company/Brand/Product Positioning Strategy
  • Value Builders (keywords reflecting the way a company wants to generate/deliver value to its customers)
  • Brand Promise – what we promise to our customer (a list of behaviors a customer can expect from a particular brand, company, its personnel)
  • Customer Experience at all touchpoints – the crown competence of EC – we are able to design in detail the kind of experience your customer is to get at all or selected touchpoints with your company, department, personnel, in a way distinguishing your brand in the market and enabling you to beat your competitors
  • Customer Experience Management readiness – the second most important competence of EC – we design organizational changes at the level of products, processes and personnel behaviors so that all of them make a customer get their desirable experience at all or selected touchpoints with a brand
  • Processes, Standards and Procedures facilitating Strategy Implementation
  • Performance Measurement Systems (BSC, MBO, KPI) and associated Incentive Schemes.