Organization audit

In the event of the management change, preparation for a material strategy implementation, organizational modification, a systematic or sudden performance drop, it is advisable to analyze the present situation at a certain angle. EC consultants have a variety of tools for carrying out organization audits in different circumstances. With a suitable software we can also conduct an audit fully adjusted to our customer’s situation and needs, defining questions and choosing the appropriate demographic data. Our customers especially appreciate the precision of information obtained by the use of our tools, claiming that they do not know any more precise. It is particularly advantageous when compared to other tools available on the market, the results of which have to be supplemented by focus group interviews.

Our offer includes:

  • Organizational Alignment Survey (OAS) – enables finding gaps in the alignment of the key elements of a company’s functioning, e.g. vision, strategy, customer focus, processes, personnel behavior, culture, atmosphere, resources, measures
  • Organizational Agility Survey (OA) – helps to improve an organization’s change management skill
  • Execution Survey (EX) – enhances the ability to implement one’s own corporate strategy
  • Survey based on the factors, size and demographics defined together with a customer upon the Current Challenges, Needs and Expectations.

CEEMA ECCO and ECCO Shoes Polska case

There was a survey on the culture, atmosphere and engagement fully based on questions set with the customer. The results, supported by the planning workshops, enabled planning activities crucial for the corporate performance at the regional level and in Poland.

Polkomtel case

In 2008 the company underwent the rebranding process. For the full effect, it was necessary to concentrate not only on the marketing communications, but also on building the organization’s inner strength. To this end, the OAS was carried out and assumptions were made for Branded Training, i.e. courses based strictly on the internal Value Builders.