Personnel education and development

Is it surprising that standard training produces standard results? Why do not businesspeople stand out from their competitors, if they both are trained in accordance with the same models? Are there companies the leaders of which are said to be special and to support their brand with their behavior? In each case, the purpose of EC educational activities is the improvement of the first-line employees’ and their managers’ ability to provide their customers with the desired experience, and therefore, strengthening their brand.

  • As the Service-Profit Chain suggests, the leadership plays the key role in all processes of organizational changes, the Customer Experience Management skill building included. Hence, at the first stage of our work with the customers, we often conduct workshops to involve people who hold major corporate positions in the process of changes.

  • Even the best customer service training will not make you stand out from the market, if the same courses are bought by your competitors… In EC we offer Branded Training that is entirely based on the assumptions and attributes of a given brand. Most often we train managers and we prepare them for conducting further branded educational activities for their personnel.
  • The strength of consulting lies in the fact that external consultants bring their experience gained in other companies, industries or even world regions. Why should not managers take advantage of this form of self-development? In EC we organize meetings, trips and events in other regions of Poland or the world. Thereby we facilitate the processes of experience and inspiration sharing as well as education transfer, which affects the quality of decisions made by top leadership in the future.

  • The paradigms of modern economy change with increasing speed. Consequently, top managers lag behind the changing conditions of their business operations. Therefore, it is necessary for them to supplement their knowledge in the context of their business principles. Our consultants conduct coaching and mentoring activities that enable getting a full understanding, support and initiation of changes in an organization.

  • Despite the fact that more and more people are employed as a Customer Experience Manager or Brand Experience Specialist, there is still no general awareness of the role of customer experiences, the gist of Customer Experience Management and the best practices thereof. In EC we conduct open workshops for people from different companies and organizations – their aim is to educate the market in this area.

  • at conferences, meetings and events – EC consultants, executing the mission of the CEM education for the market, speak at many conferences organized by institutions or companies that specialize in conferences for people from different organizations and environments. We also speak at conferences organized by other enterprises for our own employees. Our speeches are full of energy and passion of the speakers who have an ability to change the paradigms of the participants. We always refer to our own particular experiences, and not only to those described in books. That is why we are reliable.

Grupa Żywiec case

Grupa Żywiec chose an ambitious goal – to regain its market leader position. One way was to build the Leadership strength. The company wanted its leaders to be recognizable in the market due to their virtues and the way they support their Żywiec brand. As a result, the managers proudly took part in the entire educational procedure, the popularity of which exceeded the organizers’ expectations.

Pekao SA case

For strategic reasons, Bank Pekao SA planned to significantly increase its importance in the SME segment. Ambrosetti, an Italian consulting company that worked with Pekao SA for years, searched for a Polish partner which would assist Pekao in achieving this objective. Hence, EC was invited to conduct research aimed at indicating the key expectations of customers in the SME segment and to design Branded Training for the Sales Consultants and Managers. As a result, Bank Pekao SA has the largest increase in its market share and profitability just in the SME section.

RWE case

In view of the deregulation in the energy transportation market, RWE decided to find a way to stand out from its competitors by providing its customers with some additional value. The workshops led by EC enabled the key managers to identify the desired strategy and plan the specific actions. The company is currently on the best track to become a model provider of the desired customer experience.


Following Janusz Kamieński’s article, THINKTANK asked EC to prepare and conduct a series of one-day workshops aimed at educating the invited participants in the field of CEM. The workshops met with a very good reception.

A large hypermarket case

Prior to a big project aimed at developing a vision and strategy for the next 5 years, Executive Conversation organized a week’s trip to San Francisco and surrounding areas for a group of 35 top managers. The program included visits to the most famous companies of Silicon Valley and American hypermarkets.

Harvard Business Review case

Harvard Business Review organized a few hours’ workshop on CEM conducted by the undisputed guru of Customer Experience, Bernd Schmitt from the U.S. EC was invited to enrich the speech of the guest. After his performance, Janusz Kamieński delivered a 1.5 hour presentation of the Polish projects in the field of CEM. The participants had the opportunity to discover not only how it is done in the U.S., but also in Poland!