Workshop work and facilitation are one of our distinguishing features. EC consultants have many years’ experience in conducting workshops as well as training courses for top management. They are great facilitators who can get the participants involved, inspire them and who are able to cope with the biggest challenges.

We offer the following types of workshops:

    • How many companies only claim to have a strategy... And in how many cases even top management representatives asked about their corporate strategy answer a completely different question... Does it mean they do not have it? No! There is always a strategy. Even a lack of strategy is a strategy in fact. The trouble is that a strategy should be well-thought-out, commonly understood and accepted, and that it should be a strategy of success, not failure.
    • EC consultants are business people. Therefore, our strategic workshops always have a practical and strictly business dimension. Interestingly enough, the concepts like Mission, Vision or Strategy turn out to be quite simple, and even entrancing and encouraging to be implemented.
    • Even the best architect sometimes needs to work with their customer in such a manner as to make sure that the final product will be accepted. Similarly, EC consultants conduct their workshops together with their customer’s employees (top management, project groups, rank-and-file employees, etc.) so as to jointly determine the most significant aspects of the company’s functioning (e.g. a brand promise, customer experience at every touch point, customer relationship processes, work procedures and standards).
    • Sometimes you need to transform certain ideas into concrete action plans. We use the tools of strategic and operating planning which enable us to construct a detailed course of action aiming at the realization of particular visions, goals, ideas or tasks.
    • People live in their own paradigms. And at work, because of bureaucracy, unwanted procedures, standards and alliances created a long time ago, it is really hard to adopt an innovative, creative approach. In EC we have facilitators who are able to get the participants out of their collective and individual blocking thought patterns, and plan innovative changes for the better.


SAGE case

There were many workshops of this kind in our work. Here is a comment of one of our female customers: “The workshop led by Janusz Kamieński made us fully aware of where we are in our gaining an ability to manage the extraordinary/above average customer experience. Specifically, clearly, vigorously. Inspiringly. I would recommend it to everyone!"

Dominika Ludwiczak, SAGE


After the customer research and defining the brand positioning strategy, there were the design workshops which resulted in the creation of:

  • the value builders and brand promise
  • a list of customer experiences that are unique, distinctive and consistent with the strategy at all touchpoints
  • a description of the customer relationship process, including the required behaviors of the representatives of all departments and posts
  • the detailed guidelines for work procedures and standards and behavior.


The next stage was planning workshops which brought about the detailed implementation paths.


A large private manufacturing company case

The company planned to change its hierarchical management system into value stream management. Our creative workshops, that used the metaphor of the melting iceberg from which you have to escape, enabled us to change the participants’ way of thinking, plan and implement the new management system.