Our strategy is investing in know-how of the best international and Polish organizations that enjoy a good reputation and provide our customers with most benefits.

  • ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement):

    Founded in 1962, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) ( is the leading international association dedicated to improving a company’s organizational performance. ISPI unites more than 10,000 professionals from all over the world. The ISPI’s mission is to develop mastery of its members and promote the Human Performance Technology (HPT) concept. The society realizes its mission by organizing annual world conferences, workshops, courses, publishing books and magazines, carrying out research.

    Human Performance Technology (HTP) is a systemic approach towards performance and competence improving, characterized by the use of particular procedures and problem solving strategies. HTP is a process of selection, analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of solutions which most effectively affect people’s behavior and their organizations’ business performance. HTP combines three basic processes: analysis of performance conditions, analysis of a cause and effect relationship in the tested system, and selection of solutions which can be applied to individuals, teams or whole organizations. For EC consultants HTP is one of the sources of know-how and methods of work with customers.

  • Persona GLOBAL Inc.

    Persona GLOBAL®, Inc. ( is an organization offering verified solutions that allow to integrate corporate strategies, processes and personnel.

    The main mission of Persona GLOBAL® is to provide companies with the appropriate methods to create a synergistic effect on their way to the corporate strategy accomplishment. Strategies are implemented by people, and every strategy without the right realization is inevitably doomed to failure. With over 1,000 certified professionals in more than 50 countries Persona GLOBAL® is able to offer solution sets adapted to the specific culture of different markets. What they have in common is a global approach to solving essential business issues.

    Persona GLOBAL® focuses on the following areas of an organization’s development accompanied by the personal and professional development of employees:

    • Strategy Development and Implementation
    • Leadership Skills development
    • Management Skills development
    • Sales Team Management skills development
    • Organizational Alignment building
    • Organizational Change Readiness
    • Partner Relationship development
    • Individual and Team Performance
    • Talent Management
    • Reward and Recognition Systems
    • Effective Persuasion
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Sales
    • Customer Experience Management
    • Succession Planning



    EC works with Persona GLOBAL® from the very beginning, that is since 2004.

  • Smithconsulting+co

    ShaunSmith+co ( is a consulting company dedicated to customers who consider a brand and their own customers’ experience building as the basic factor of distinguishing their company in the market. The company delivers the newest solutions in customer experience shaping combined with an individual and flexible approach that can be provided only by a small consulting company.

    ShaunSmith+co is led by Shaun Smith, who cooperates with a selected group of experienced, independent consultants. Each of them has a specific range of experience and skills to help companies develop and implement programs of customer experience building. Therefore, the company offers the best combination of the offered resources with no additional costs that cooperation with bigger organizations often entails.

    Since 2006 EC is a ShaunSmith+co partner in projects connected with brand image building through customer experience development by use of CEM+.

    CEM+ (Customer Experience Management Plus) – is a universal tool that facilitates:

    • evaluation of customers’ experience in contacts with a particular company as well as understanding their expectations and what they value
    • assessment of the extent to which customers’ expectations and values are really provided by a particular company (determination of the extent to which a brand promise is fulfilled)
    • a company gaining an ability to shape its customer experience
    • gaining alignment between an organization and its strategy