Improving Business Performance

The main mission of EC is the improvement of our customers’ business performance. Each of our interventions is to end with an increase in the customer’s turnover or their costs reduction, and preferably both. We do not deal with the implementation of specific tools or concepts such as Customer Management Experience. With a recognized know-how and considerable business experience, we define our task as seeking points of application of a lever in a given organization (the biggest challenges), choosing the appropriate lever (defining a solution) and lifting the enterprise to a higher level at the lowest cost.

The purpose of initiatives undertaken by EC consultants is to improve business performance of our customers, what we measure by using specific financial and key performance indicators in order to achieve desired return on Investment (ROI).

As everyone knows, what a customer expects does not always equal what they need. Our consultants are (regardless of education) business people – practitioners. Therefore, we know how to find a solution that is exactly what a customer needs. Only such solutions are offered by our company and that is why we sometimes have to refuse to cooperate with a customer who expects something we believe has no business justification. We always follow the chief mission of EC – improving our customers’ business performance.