Customer Experience Management

In the era of customer experience, what matters, is the ability of an entire enterprise to provide its customers with unique, distinctive, attractive and valuable experiences at every touchpoint. It is already a long time since Philip Kotler denied the theses of his own marketing books from before 2005. According to the head of TBWA, the world’s largest advertising agency, Marketing gets a new meaning and is responsible for everything that happens within a particular company. And it is supported by the HR department, which alone acts throughout the organizational structure and, in addition, is in charge of making sure that the right people hold the right posts in the Company and show true commitment at work.

Each enterprise, from the very beginning, generates specific experiences of their customers. But is it able to manage them? Is it capable of systemic and planned acting so that customers are provided with experiences they desire and are willing to pay for? Here is a field for the Customer Experience Management process. EC specializes in applying the best CEM practices in its efforts to grow its customers’ businesses.