Ahead of the needs. We appreciate where you are now, but we want to take you where there is no one else yet.

Who we are

Success is not achieved by accident. Experience, work, creativity, flash of genius, intuition, luck... you can mention a lot of things. And although one of these factors may be deciding, success is always a systemic, years-lasting process. How to save this precious time?It is enough to take a broader look... But not only from your own perspective.

We are a consulting company with a rather unusual approach. We understand that advice alone can be frustrating. A person with the message “after all, it's so easy” written on their face submits a report of findings and conclusions, but disappears at the crucial moment of implementing changes. We stay. After analyzing the situation and determining the direction of changes, we work together on achieving the best possible results. We take joint responsibility for attaining our customers’ goals.

Experience and knowledge are our strengths. Having worked in an international environment for years, we combined intuition – so important in business – with practice. In 2004, when we established EC, we knew that we would be capable of sharing the verified practices. Our know-how is the ability to apply global solutions and efficient Change Management.

Where we go

The continuous development is incorporated into our company. Advising others, we constantly trust the power of change. It pushes us forward, and every day makes work become passion. Our mission is to seek points of application of a lever in people and organizations in order to boost their development and increase profitability. We know how it can be achieved. Only integration of the three forces – people, processes and strategies – makes a company constantly move forward.

The years of experience taught us how to manage change. Theoretically, this is a process in which individual elements are clear and simple. The key, however, is the knowledge that allows us to adjust tools to specific activities within a company. It is necessary to know when faster pace is advisable, and when the method of small steps will work. Know the value of a company and its customers. Rely on the international practice and extract know-how from it.

 We are looking forward to doing business with you!