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EC is a Polish consulting company founded in 2004 by Agnieszka Polska-Kamieńska and Janusz Kamieński. Its primary aim is to support enterprises in achieving high profitability and competitive advantage. The key area of EC activity is building the companies’ and institutions’ ability to provide their customers with valuable and desirable experiences.

A unique specialization of EC is:

  • conducting research and analysis that enable identifying the key expectations of customers towards the branch of a given enterprise
  • designing the desired customer experiences as well as the resulting changes in products, processes and employees’ behaviors
  • building the enterprises’ ability to manage their customers’ experiences (making customers get the previously designed experiences).


In its mission to improve business performance of enterprises, EC cooperates with a group of prominent and experienced managers and consultants. They specialize in a number of fields, e.g. Customer Experience Research and Audit, Formulating Winning Strategies, Brand Management, Customer Experience Design, Planning Workshops, Building Managerial Systems (MBO, BSC, Process Mapping, etc.), Branded Training.

EC consultants for years use the Customer Experience Management concept in their professional activity. CEM is a personal business strategy which focuses on a customer’s personal experiences and aims at increasing their loyalty and willingness to recommend a particular company/brand to others. CEM provides the cohesion between the brand promise and its real image in eyes of customers caused by their actual experiences.

A distinctive approach of EC towards strategic consulting is based on two canons:

  • putting the customer at the heart of the particular enterprise’s value generating process so that they could exactly get experiences they are willing to pay for
  • active and real supporting enterprises in building their ability to achieve the planned results; the presentation of a Findings and Recommendations Report is just the beginning, not the end of cooperation.


EC cooperates with the following reputable companies and institutions dealing with Organizational Effectiveness:

  • ShaunSmith+co – a company specializing in the field of Customer Experience Management ( its founder, Shaun Smith, is a world famous speaker and consultant in CEM as well as the creator of the following tools used by EC: o Customer Experience Management Plus (CEM+)o Organizational Alignment Survey (OAS)
  • Persona GLOBAL®, Inc. – a company offering solutions that enable the integration of employees with the strategy and processes of a particular organization; since February 2009 present also in Poland under the brand name of
    Persona GLOBAL® Polska Sp. z o.o. (
  • an international association of professional consultants who specialize in the Human Performance Technology field (HPT).


A sample of EC customers: Auchan,
ABG SterProjekt, Akzo Nobel, Afriso, Asseco, Bank Pekao SA, Deni Cler, ECCO, BR Edipresse, Eltel Networks, First Data, Kingspan, Macrologic, Polkomtel SA, Reckitt Benckiser, RWE, Softbank S.A..


If you need more information about our company or services offered or a comment/statement of our experts, we remain at your disposal.

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